Love at my feet (song)


Below is a demo from january 2016.


I started writing it in 2003 or 2004. It has a real simple chord structure and I should have scrapped it long ago. After fixing it up for the demo archive I got a slightly different groove but in essence it’s the same song and I decided to release it.


I cannot see the morning
I cannot see the rising
I cannot see no more
No this is the end

What happened to my darling
Why did she go
Why did she ran away
I want to know

Love is lying down at my feet
Reminding of memory once so true and sweet
Life is gone, I cannot live no more
My life is gone what is left there for me

What is so wrong, in this life
An empty heart, it has no meaning
What should this soul do, to find someone like you
What should I do, to catch you



Life is so wrong, life is so lonely
I stare at empty walls, I stare at the cealing
An empty heart, has no meaning
Oh my life, has no meaning