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Atrium malmö (food review)


The salmon plate is one of my favorites. It tastes fabolous. On a diet you can safely ask them to remove most of the oils and keep soy emulsion on the side


This is their chocolate cake and it’s super delicious. Being on a diet we share the cake and it’s perfect.

Where is it?

Nonono Japanese grill in New York

In August 2018 me and my girlfriend found a nice little restaurant in Korea town, New York. We arrived quite late but managed to order by the bar before closing time.

In July 2019 we came back to New York and both wanted to try that restaurant again. Only one problem, we didn’t remember the name and exact location. We did a few searches but couldn’t really figure it out.

So when we came to NY we back traced and was able to remember partly were it was and we found it, the name was Nonono and outside where tiny No logos.

The name is totally wrong and it should be Yes, as in yes you should go there. It is a Japanese grill style with many interesting tiny dishes.

More to come!

I will go through more of the experiences later on.