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40 kg weightloss

At the peak I weighed almost 130 kg or 286 pounds if you prefer the imperial measurement system. Currently I am at about 86 kg / 190 pounds.

Party with beer and dancing in the park

I had an impressive weight and an impressive weight loss. I have been on several diets and never thought I would drop below the magic 100 kg marker.

Whiskey tasting and tour

Today, most people are quite aware of why they gain weight. It’s not like it’s rocket science. If you eat and drink a lot, you gain a lot.

Big cheeks, huge belly and big butt. But that was about to be a changed.

For short movie Infestation

Many seems to believe that training is the holy grail of losing weight. My belief isn’t that at all. I have a few addictions. Eating candy, drinking soda, beer, wine and unhealthy food are my pillars of weight gain.

Peak weight before starting to lose weight at mother’s 70 year birthday

Up until I was about 18 years old I was quite skinny. When I was 16 I got my first job and I was always buying fried food and hamburgers. During weekends I partied a lot. In my early 20s I was out 2 – 3 times a week.

This unhealthy behavior led me to the path of obesity. When I reached my peak I was in the level 3 of obesity. I was always sweating and had a napkin with me all the time.

Beer in the park

In perspective I didn’t consider myself quite big. I noticed when it was harder to find my size in shops and that I had to buy what was available.

Today I regret I didn’t take action much sooner but that is life and we can’t undo what we didn’t do. So what made me change?

Today I believe that you must have a strong motivator to change things. For me it was a combination of things that made me change. I was also doing the weightloss together with my wife so in that sence it became easier when one pushed each other.

If you don’t have a motivator, there’s nothing driving your change.

Failed to climb Kebnekaise

Over the year I have tried a few diets and training. I think that they are all individual and you must choose the method that fits you. For me it was the weight watchers method that worked.

The ww metod is just counting points and some food are “free” to eat. The toughest thing about it was that everything needs to be investigated and you spend a lot of time checking if you can afford to eat something in the store or not. I spent probably 15 minutes just checking what bread I can afford to eat.

The app allow you to scan food which is a great method. You could probably count carbs as well. I first thought this method was only for old ladies but it obviously works.

What I also like is that it allows to give yourself treats. So you can eat some small candy every now and then. After a while a small piece of chocolate gives you a whole new experience than pushing a whole chocolate bar into your mouth.

I still have a few kilograms before reaching my goal weight. I am also reaching a point where losing weight becomes harder. And I think that starting to train is the next logical step to have a healthier way of life.

I hope that I can inspire you to do this journey yourself. It’s hard but if I can, I am certain anyone can. When you have found your motivator and what path to take, you will reach your goal. Good luck!

Roadtrip with wife

Atrium malmö (food review)


The salmon plate is one of my favorites. It tastes fabolous. On a diet you can safely ask them to remove most of the oils and keep soy emulsion on the side


This is their chocolate cake and it’s super delicious. Being on a diet we share the cake and it’s perfect.

Where is it?

Nonono Japanese grill in New York

In August 2018 me and my girlfriend found a nice little restaurant in Korea town, New York. We arrived quite late but managed to order by the bar before closing time.

In July 2019 we came back to New York and both wanted to try that restaurant again. Only one problem, we didn’t remember the name and exact location. We did a few searches but couldn’t really figure it out.

So when we came to NY we back traced and was able to remember partly were it was and we found it, the name was Nonono and outside where tiny No logos.

The name is totally wrong and it should be Yes, as in yes you should go there. It is a Japanese grill style with many interesting tiny dishes.

More to come!

I will go through more of the experiences later on.