Woman is a creation (song)




Fredrik Larsson: Leadvocals, keyboards
Mårten Cervin: Drums, bass
Fredrik Nordenhielm: Guitars


A blonde hair, a pretty face
tenderly blue eyes
glimmering at me
attracted by my body
that is what she are
attracted by my soul
no she ain’t at all therefore

Woman is a creation
hurting every man that she sees
woman is a creation
either loyal as a dog or hurtin like a bee

A cute girl with kissing friendly lips
a well shaped body, well shaped hips
all that attracts her is my money
for my life she won’t give a dime no
don’t want anything except my cash
and my life she only wants to dash away



A woman that I really, really want
looks at me and say you ain’t got a chance no
it’s hurting my body
it’s hurting my soul
and now take wisdom of the story that I told

Woman is a hurting kind
hurting every man that they see
oh they do it all, all the time
oh they do it just to kill your mind


but anyway life tells me
that I gotto move on
i gotto hurry
before times tells me it’s too late
and then my life
oh it would be to waste